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Louis Versetti, un joven heredero sale de su mansión buscando una vida propia. Pero entre él y su nueva vida se interpone el "Bosque obscuro", donde.
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Describiendo los colores Para ser libre hay que ser responsable. Al día con Paola Bautista. In some places, earth emits a dense breath, which, when inhaled by man, immediately passes on to him knowledge and sensations he possessed in former times, when living in its bosom. The telluric sensibility of ancient man can still be retrieved. Our capacity to fathom the ancient to discover the new. It is where the sky takes roots in earth, a sacred space heavy with mystery.

It is therefore a propitious place for artistic creation. Twenty years ago, I retired to the woods of the Fuenfría Valley, in the Guadarrama Mountains, as I knew that the intensity and the truth of my artistic work depended on concentration, and especially on the solitude and silence I could only find there.

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Plant life shows us that death and interment are essential for rebirth. I wanted to sprout in the forest. Until I found my own mode of expression, I suffered a tough and slow maturing process, a search of the essential, of true simplicity, which led me to realize that the superior order almost always manifests itself by means of the small and humble. Art is experience. The walker is on the watch, on a constant alert, trying to see in the landscape more than the usual, expanding reality.

The forest creates an inner state of serenity, pureness and optimism. What happens inside, these events that a stranger does not notice, is always reasonable, right and definitive. No snowflake falls in the wrong place.

Even though I have made different kinds of drawings, sculptures and engravings, I deem the Library my most important creation. It was begun in winter, , and is nowadays made up of 1. I will probably continue working on it for many years. I share with oriental art the wish to achieve an organic composition, in which fullness represents substance and emptiness the circulation of vital breaths, joining in this way the finite and the infinite, like creation itself. To be an echo of the ephemeral. To establish communication with the universe and receive an answer from it.

The book, ultimate tool for the transmission of knowledge, is not composed of words in my case. The language spoken is another. It is the fragment of nature capable of communicating a whole world, which words can only approach. Silent invocations.

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When I make a book, I follow a ritual. To achieve a work that is really brimming with the energy I perceive and I want to transmit, it is essential not to loose this state of concentration even for a moment. The mountain participates in creation, suggesting by means of some element of the landscape: It is the time when, in my mindful walks, vision arises. Therefore, generous nature, on which I depend, has to be propitiated by gestures of gratefulness, that also ask for protection.