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Una buena cartera por si tienes que ir a un lugar especial y una mochila o algo cómodo para el día. La mochila es buena porque te deja las manos libres para tomar las fotos. Visitar Turquía ha sido una experiencia inolvidable y todas las expectativas que teníamos se cumplieron. When Ingrid and I decided to visit Turkey, we knew that it was a beautiful country, with a lot of history, and we were full of expectations. We have already talked about our encounters with Engin Akyürek, now we would like to talk about the country and its people.

The people: The Turks are wonderful and made us feel at home. Whether with Hasam and Özgür Liberty , our tour guides or Metin, our lovely driver; we felt like if we knew each other for a long time. He is a beautiful human being. Young and adults were always willing to help us. They wanted to know who we were and from where we came from.

They offered us a smile, a chair, and greeted us in a friendly way. At the hotels, restaurants, and other places we visited, the people were friendly and cordial. Even in the most remote places we always found someone who spoke some Spanish or English.

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The tourism industry is very important in Turkey and those selling souvenirs usually could communicate in one or both languages. The food: All we can tell you is not enough. My God, Turks eat so much! Fruits, vegetables, all kinds of meat; the food is very healthy and the desserts are not too sweet. Hasam always had something new for us to try. Ömer was right, it's delicious, they prepare it in so many different ways and eat it with everything.

The salted yogurt is taken like water.

The hotels: The service was excellent, the staff was very friendly. While we were touring parts of Turkey, every night we slept in a different hotel, maximum two nights. In many hotels the hair dryer does not work unless you keep pressing a button and it is a little uncomfortable. Hotels have beauty salons, but sometimes there is no time to go there because you arrive late at night and leave early in the morning and you will lose time that can be spend doing something better. There was never a need to hide our cell phones, remove our jewelry or though that we should not be there. Even on the nights I walked alone, I felt safe.

Istanbul at night is extremely beautiful.

Be prepared for long security lines at the airports, the day we were returning home, we had to stop at 6 different security check points. The flight was so full that they offered each of us Euros and one night at a hotel so that we could fly the next day; Ingrid did not want to change her plans and we rejected the offer. If I had been traveling alone, I would probably have accepted, one more night in Istanbul would have been wonderful.

The same goes for domestic flights, when we flew from Ankara to Istanbul, security was equally tight. Despite the long lines, we did not have any negative experiences at the airports, you just need to be patient. Things that impressed us: How green the country is, the forests are endless. The roads and its signaling are excellent. The coastal towns look like postcards, actually the whole country is like a big postcard. Music in Spanish can be heard in places like shops, restaurants, cafes, etc. The day we went to the Midpoint restaurant frequently visited by Engin , it was Latin music day, so while we were there we listened to music in Spanish.

Music in English is heard everywhere. There are more cats and dogs that can be counted, they are beautiful and extremely friendly. People love and take good care of them. Turks drink more coffee than we imagined. Yes, you get all of it, YEAH! Our in-house Photographer yes, we have one - will do a professional photo-shoot for you. Available only in and around Doylestown, PA and available on appointment basis - 45 mins radius.

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We will host a frozen yogurt social at our store for you and 15 of your friends. An evening full of fun games, friends and unlimited frozen yogurt. Del Abr 5, al May 5, 30 días. Tweet Compartir Correo electrónico. HandleBar - Doylestown, PA's unique frozen yogurt place. Compartir este proyecto. Necesitas un navegador compatible con HTML5 para ver este vídeo. Doylestown, PA Comida.


They taught us a lot of things, not only about their country but also about life. This is home, guys. Kisses and hugs. Great vision in your farm, to be sustainable with zero waste, and the animals were very pampered as well! Learnt about vertical farming, spent some time at the zen garden … read more helping to build the sand pool and most importantly quality time in the evening! Bo is a sweet French who taught me many things, and who was very patient with me. I would have liked to spend more time with him, but because of my work, I could not.

I really enjoyed his classes, teaching me another recipe to bake bread. Thank you, Bo, for all your help, your joy and your teachings, and for keeping the smile on the surface, … read more despite the inconveniences. Come back whenever you want. This is home. Besos y abrazos.

Dejado por el workawayer boris para el anfitrión. Thanks you for all Marlyn and Ricardo. Nice place with a big garden, a beautifull wood hoven, Cows illusion my favorite , 22 Sheeps, and lovely dogs Oh, my God, Tess. How could I not enter before to this site and leave a review about you? I was on vacations, and did not remember when I came back. Sorry not only for you, but for all the people that might get to know you after you were here.

Tess is incredible, sweet, kind, hard working. We love her very much.

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She was not only a wonderful … read more workawayer, but a splendid girl, a delight to be with. This is home, dear Tess. Dejado por el workawayer Tes para el anfitrión. Thank you so much Marlyn and Ricardo for a wonderful time at your farm.