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College and Career Readiness Workbook Students develop Spanish proficiency and draw connections between areas of future study or work and the Spanish-speaking world. Enrichment Libraries Authentic reading selections aligned to the themes and topics presented in Spanish Works! Music, games, social media … integrating these tools into instruction is sure to engage students to learn a new language. Teachers have the option of taking one or all courses focused on providing engaging and practical teaching techniques for immediate application in the classroom! The authenticity of the Spanish material provides classrooms not only with exposure to an enriched vocabulary but it brings culturally relevant topics that students from all over the world can connect with personally.

Thank you for all you do for our students and the development of their Spanish language. This collection of authentic leveled stories by renowned authors from the Spanish-speaking world includes selections from different genres with reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and writing activities.

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Comprehensive Spanish Language Arts Program develops language and literacy skills through a balanced literacy approach, building critical thinking skills through high-interest readings and activities. En Español builds communication skills for real-world purpose and develops language and literacy skills through authentic literature from Latin America and Spain. This Spanish-as-a-heritage-language series is the first of its kind, created specifically for U.

The eight modules in each student book each present a theme and a specific region, and the phases in each module have a specific focus, such as reading, literary genres, content areas, academic vocabulary, and language specific to social studies, science, art, and music. Culminating with a general review and self-assessment, each module invites students to travel on an educational and cultural adventure. Students visit a total of 21 Spanish-speaking countries in each level as well as other Spanish-speaking regions of the world! Galería de lengua y cultura provides a range of material that gives the teacher flexibility to reduce or expand lessons to meet the needs of all students!

Companion handbooks offer opportunities for review, reinforcement, and enrichment, as well as preparation for the AP Spanish Language and Culture Test. La cartilla This comprehensive phonics program supports Spanish literacy development with phonemic awareness, phonics, and vocabulary development lessons and activities. Make spelling and grammar practice fun for students. This series of activity books for grades K—5 builds spelling and grammar skills through a variety of high-interest activities—crossword puzzles, word-picture matching, word search puzzles, and many more!

K—5 Spanish Literacy Kits offer a balanced library of high-quality Spanishlanguage titles—informational and literary—with standards-based lesson plans.

Each grade-level Literacy Kit includes:. The book includes a glossary and biographical information about Bolívar. People, Places, and Environments; IV. A—C, 2. Grade K Grade K Grade 1 Grade 1 6-Pack Grade 2 Grade 2 6-Pack Grade 3 Grade 3 6-Pack Grade 4 Grade 4 6-Pack Grade 5 Grade 5 6-Pack K—8 Spanish Poetry Kits include rhyming stories, riddles and tongue-twisters, narrative, verse fable, prose poetry, epic, and satirical poetry, among other subgenres—each with activities that address the national language standards, including those for poetry.

Each kit contains:. Isabel Campoy. K-5 Science Literacy Kits include an array of nonfiction and fiction titles aligned to national language arts and science standards—each with teacher notes and activities designed to help students develop science literacy! A WIDA 2.

Santillana USA has partnered with WIDA to provide Dual-Language and Spanish language arts educators with effective resources and classroom tools to support students in their journey towards bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism. The Can Do Descriptors Booklet provides examples of what students can do at various levels of Spanish language proficiency in Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. The examples are organized around the Key Uses: Recount, Explain, Argue, and Discuss, which represent a sample of overarching communicative purposes within academic content standards.

This four-sheet poster takes the grade-cluster-specific Can Do Descriptors content and presents each key use on its own easy-to-see, dry-erase-friendly page, organized around the key uses. These dry-erase mini posters for binders take the gradecluster-specific Can Do Descriptors content and present each key use chart within the grade cluster. Dimensions: four pages printed single-sided to display the four charts, each measuring 8. Regardless of their age, they benefit from hearing the language and from looking at pictures.

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Even though they may not seem to understand much, they are learning to like books and enjoy reading. Grade K Grade K 6-Pack Grade 1 Grade 1 6-Pack Grade 2 Grade 2 6-Pack Grade 3 Grade 3 6-Pack Grade 4 Grade 4 6-Pack Grade 5 Grade 5 6-Pack K—5 Spanish Science Literacy Kits include an array of nonfiction and fiction titles aligned to national language arts and science standards—each with teacher notes and activities designed to help students develop science literacy!

This series introduces students to some of the great workers that live in their community, including librarians and firefighters. In each book, readers will follow a relatable narrator as they encounter a community helper. Students learn about their own community while expanding their knowledge of the many careers that keep their community going. This series introduces students to several iconic symbols, from the American flag to the bald eagle.

This series serves as an essential starting point for students to learn the basics of our economy, the ways in which its cycle will affect their lives, and the importance of financial responsibility. Complex topics and vocabulary are explained thoroughly and supplemented by helpful images and diagrams. En algunos lugares no hay electricidad ni agua potable. No les da tiempo de ir al colegio, jugar o preocuparse de lo que ellas necesitan.

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Después de todo ese trabajo, el agua puede estar contaminada y provocar que todos se enfermen. Teacher Support Handbook included in title kit. Perfect for emerging, struggling, and reluctant readers. El mensaje del cuento es algo que el autor quiere que aprendan. Los detalles son pistas que nos llevan al mensaje.

Ahora piensen en los detalles. Para leerte mejor Series This series of folktales, fairy tales, and fables is sure to engage young readers. K—2 students can now access these classic stories in a format and reading level ideal for emergent readers. Comprensión lectora A.

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Busca en el cuento la palabra que completa cada oración. Caperucita Roja vivía en a. This delightful series of forty-two literary and informational texts with easy-to-read stories is ideal for beginning and struggling readers! Downloadable Lesson Plans and Worksheets for each title www. The United States is called a nation of immigrants, but what does that mean? Each volume explores a different facet of the immigration experience, from the history of immigration to the legal considerations of forging a new life in the U. Students are encouraged to examine the meaning of citizenship and the important role immigration continues to play in the United States.

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Maps and timelines that integrate content are included in all of the books. Writing has shaped American history from the time of the Pilgrims. Students discover the many written documents that played a role in shaping early American democracy, from the Mayflower Compact to the Emancipation Proclamation. Students learn the history behind each document. Detailed sidebars and eyecatching graphic organizers provide additional information.

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Historical images and primary sources are included throughout each volume. The past has seen great movements for equality in the U. This series explores these movements in great detail and highlights the key figures and events that fueled each movement. The books expose students to important topics such as civic participation, social justice, and diversity. Sometimes uncovering the truth—the hidden history—means going to the source to unearth it. Budding historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists will find plenty to unearth in the sites and discoveries of this thought-provoking series.

Each insightful volume provides critical information about significant subjects and time periods to support key issues in the elementary social studies curriculum. A lomo de cuento Series A lomo de cuento is a unique series of books that encourages students to learn about the geography and culture of fascinating countries as they explore and enjoy oral tradition. Por eso se le acercaron y le pidieron que les dijera cómo había llegado hasta allí. Exploremos este maravilloso ppaís montados en este cuentto…. Visually stunning, culturally authentic illustrations created by renowned, award-winning artists; as well as carefully curated photographs.


Series This engaging series encourages students to relive history through exciting accounts of important historical events. Short chapters and sixteen pages of illustrations and photos motivate even the most reluctant readers to learn about famous events and landmarks. Se trataba de un complejo, una serie de edificios rodeados por muros de distinta altura que variaba entre nueve y doce pies.