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Francis Novoa llega a la familia Wave Books pisando fuerte y estrenando nada menos que un sello "creado por una bizarra necesidad": Wave Silver, dedicado.
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Truncated by a curved wall, the stage effectively drew spectators into the claustrophobic world of this maritime signal tower as well as its wider aura of isolation. While the living quarters betrayed no sign of commotion, the three men staffing the tower had disappeared without trace. Maxwell Davies uses this unsolved mystery as the basis for his own plot, in which supernatural intervention, psychological breakdown and malicious intrigues are all delicately indicated but never confirmed. The prologue charts a courtroom enquiry in which the three officers from the supply ship respond to musical questions posed by the horn.

I certainly felt that this would have intensified the production. Singing from within the lighthouse interior, each of the officers embarked on their account of the discovery, recreating the scene with furniture and props.

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It quickly became clear that the three accounts were inconsistent, leaving the audience with an array of possible explanations. The three lighthouse keepers were now represented by the same singers who had taken the roles of the officers. Blazes Nicholas Merryweather, baritone , Sandy Adam Tunnicliffe, tenor and Arthur Richard Mosley-Evans, bass wait tensely in the lighthouse long after the point at which they expected to be relieved. While Sandy and Blazes play a game of cards, the religious zealot Arthur exits to patrol the exterior. In his strange chanting, Arthur alludes to the Tarot imagery used by mystics and occultists of the 15th century to map the fortunes of their audience.

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After a series of petty disputes, the keepers sing songs in a bid to lighten the atmosphere. Accompanied by a strumming banjo, Blazes begins with a raucous ballad that documents his youthful experiences of domestic violence and crime.

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Sandy follows with a love song that quickly develops into an erotic fantasy. I was not altogether sure whether his wavering Italianate tenor ascents were simply unfocused in their delivery or were executed in this manner for comic effect. Finally, Arthur interrupts with a hymn prophesying the reincarnation of the golden calf described in the Book of Exodus. Psychological trauma begins to set in as the men are pierced by recollections of their pasts. Their anxiety is driven by a sense of supernatural forces closing in on the tower. With shrieking pitches and majestic waves the music wreaks havoc with merciless fury until the characters are destroyed.

Some of the most thrilling moments in this act occurred when sounds were clearly travelling across the stage and intruding upon the lighthouse set, yet the sunken orchestra pit often made it difficult for the players to project assertively.

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The last scene was exquisitely managed, and provoked an ecstatic reaction from the audience. As the officers tidied up the deserted lighthouse, leaving a single candle burning on the table, the score continued to tick through a series of mercurial patterns. Acceder o registrarse a través de una red social. Twitter Google Facebook.

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Prefiero las sorpresas. Como ese soldado herido que, cuando los médicos le bajan los pantalones, lleva medias de nylon con encaje. O como ese candidato que dice ser socialista, pero una vez elegido resulta pactar siempre con la derecha. Con respecto a la segunda pregunta, he de decir que no.

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Ninfea fue pensada como una novela autoconclusiva. Que no lo haga. Que mejor se dedique a otros menesteres. Si un chaval quiere hacerse millonario lo mejor es hacerse político de derechas o banquero, que viene a ser lo mismo. Si un chaval tuviera esa enfermedad, pues entonces ni modo.

No te corras a la primera. Publicar lo antes posible no te hace mejor escritor. Lo que te hace es un eyaculador precoz. Es un gran placer tenerte por mi espacio, estoy deseando conocer y leer tus siguientes novelas.

Como ya he dicho, a mi me ha encantado, Francis tiene un don de la palabra increíble que me encanta. Etiquetas: autor , entrevista , escritor , Ninfea , wave editorial , Wave Silver. Natalia 19 de febrero de , Judit Stoddard 6 de marzo de ,

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